= Patch Notes 2.6.2 - BETA = === OPEN BETA === ___Halloween mode is coming___ ___Z-Day is coming___ ___'''RESET IS COMING'''___ '''Expected Changes after reset:''' * Tweaked timers * Tweaked whacking formulas * Roleplay related tweaks * More? '''Expected Changes before reset:''' * Various bug fixes * Re-balancing of income and expenses * Updated docs * More? Recent Updates: * Oct 18, 2019 - Fixed issue with Halloween achievement not being awarded. * Oct 18, 2019 - Added some drop chances for Cloth and Velvet from Office/House Key and for Small Bag from Junk. * Oct 13, 2019 - Fixed issue which was preventing a few players from logging in. * Oct 12, 2019 - Take a bullet option is no longer available immediately. * Oct 12, 2019 - You will now see all blueprints "you know", including ones your skill is too low to make. * Oct 8, 2019 - Temporarily increased drop rates for a lot of items for testing purposes. * Oct 7, 2019 - You now have a chance to pick up a Bullet Casing after attempting to whack somebody. * Oct 7, 2019 - You can now access Trade and Make while over encumbered. Trade is now the default page in the Trade menu. * Oct 7, 2019 - Moved all offers to a page that must be dismissed explicitly to avoid issue where offers are missed by accident. * Oct 6, 2019 - Increased number of HQ slots to deal with more items. * Oct 6, 2019 - You can now add an image to your business (city forum thread) from the City Hall. * Oct 6, 2019 - Disabled "under attack" notification for re-work. * Oct 6, 2019 - Temporarily increased drop rates from Junk for testing purposes. * Oct 4, 2019 - Added near-realtime "under attack" notification. * Oct 3, 2019 - Made various performance tweaks. * Oct 3, 2019 - Fixed error preventing on main page load for some users. * Oct 2, 2019 - It is now possible to make a disguise. * Oct 1, 2019 - Updated horse race betting limits. * Oct 1, 2019 - Fixed bug where the city of the crew's HQ was being incorrectly identified. * Oct 1, 2019 - Fixed bug with several blueprints not requiring materials. * Oct 1, 2019 - New achievements added around training horses and owned horse race wins. * Sept 30, 2019 - Fixed bug with broken inventory slot prices. * Sept 29, 2019 - '''HQ Upgrade''' update * Sept 29, 2019 - Fixed issue where old obituaries are not cleared when secret identity is exposed. DISABLED FOR RE-WORK - '''Near-Realtime "Under Attack" notification''' * [img:;16] means, you're getting shot at. Refreshes every 15 seconds. * Notification goes away as soon as you load any page. * It's not clickable! '''HQ Upgrade''' * Speakeasies can now be upgraded to multiple levels. * Upgrade must be started with cash ($45,000,000 for level 2) and can be found in the "Crew" > "HQ" menu. * Upgrade requires labor and items to be donated to the HQ. * Some of these items are new and craftable (and can be found in the wild). * HQ Upgrade can be completed when all items and labor has been donated to the HQ. '''New Items''' * A variety of new items has been added. * Junk (can be sorted to find something or now). * Office / House Key items can be used to search through an office or house which may result in some drops. * Parts Crate / Moving Crate can be used to drop items or junk. * You can now craft guns and ammo. * Many new items require tools to make. Tools can also be made. * To cope with more items, you got more slots! * Tools: Hammer, Chisel, Screw Driver, Saw are used when making other items. '''Crafting Levels''' * Some items require a higher level crafting skill to make. * Blueprints for some items may allow for crafting of multiple level items, but higher level items won't show up on your "Make" list until you have the skill to make them. * Higher crafting skills will make failures less likely for related items. '''New Achievements''' * New achievements corresponding to the crafting levels have been added. * Tailor - Bronze/Silver/Gold * Gunsmith - Bronze/Silver/Gold * Carpenter - Bronze/Silver/Gold * Artist - Bronze/Silver/Gold * Horse Trainer - Bronze/Silver/Gold (Stable Hand, Horse Trainer, Horse Whisperer) * Winning Horse Owner - Bronze/Silver/Gold (Lover, Aficionado, Mogul)

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