= Patch Notes 2.6.1 - BETA = === OPEN BETA === ___Stay tuned. More news coming soon___ * In the mean time, vote in the Polls section to help us improve the game. Above Grievances. You might need to clear your cache! * Sept 15, 2019 - You can now fly to Atlanta to Chicago. Only the reverse flight was available previously. * Sept 14, 2019 - You can now access your crew's Storage from your Inventory when over encumbered. * Sept 14, 2019 - Citizens will no longer get news about finding more street credits in their mailbox than they are allowed to have. If you have 8 you will "find 2". If you already have 10 you will find "your mailbox is filled with junk mail". * Sept 14, 2019 - Improved confirmation messages when dropping inventory. For example "Are you sure you want to drop an Antibiotics Bottle?", or "Are you sure you want to drop 9 Antibiotics Bottles?". * Sept 9, 2019 - Fixed issue where users were automatically creating bandages every 1 minute. * Sept 7, 2019 - Re-enabled General forum for Out of Character posts. * Sept 7, 2019 - Fixed issue where locking down 2nd city removes lock from the 1st. * Sept 7, 2019 - Added more logging around Church Yard functionality in hopes of finding root cause of continuing failures.

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