= Patch Notes 2.6.0 - BETA = === OPEN BETA === * There are bugs everywhere (probably). * Ranking requirements have been reduced, so we can test things faster. * Daily login prizes have been increased. * RESET will happen again. All who help with the BETA will be rewarded. There is NO date set yet, for the reset. * ALL BANS HAVE LIFTED. *** '''2018-06-18 NEW FEATURE ADDED. SEE BELOW''' *** *** We are working on some new stuff to do with HQ rank limits, etc. Stay tuned *** == Known issues == * TWEAKED: Shooting formulas still need some tweaking. * Street credit messages are misleading, if you're capped. * Throwing away a stack from HQ storage throws away all of said item, not just one stack. * Church is not giving back. * Cleaner hit list is not in order. * Occasional duplicated news messages have been reported. * G-Men can travel further than you can. * ...and more ''' TODO's ''' * Master achievements need to be restored. * General balancing tweaks are required. * HQ limit tweaks/changes? * Help needs updating, especially around slots. * Killing G-Men is too easy. * ...and more '''THESE HAVE NOT BEEN REPORTED FOR A WHILE. ARE THEY STILL AN ISSUSE?''' * TESTING: There have been reports of people losing their HQ over night. * Incorrectly showing as "in jail". * Invalid time to release showing in jail has been reported. * Dead people are losing their rank after their boss is killed. ==== Changes ==== 2019-01-11 * Crewleaders whose empty HQ is dropped will now be demoted to thug and all their ranking timers will start from zero. * Not being able to buy a new HQ time has been changed to 7 days. 2018-06-18 * '''HQ Maintenance and Godfather blocking fixes''' * At midnight all HQ's with no members are dropped. Crew leader will not be able to buy a new HQ for 14 days. * Abandoning an HQ will also result in not being able to buy a new HQ for 14 days. * Every HQ now has a weekly maintenance cost, paid in Silver Bars. Not enough Silver Bars? HQ dropped and cannot buy a new one for 14 days. * ___Every HQ has been granted 1 Silver Bar per crew member to help with this week's maintenance costs.___ 2018-10-15 * New Status feature added to Crew Menu * [article:crewupgrades|More Info] 2017-10-04 * Godfather can now authorize a Consigliere or Don to start their own crew. * 15 day timer applies. * Authorized Don/Consigliere can then buy their own HQ, which will in turn remove them from the Godfather's crew. 2017-08-27 * Added a new Voucher item. * Vouchers can be donated to your crew from the Storage tab. * The crew leader can use the donated vouchers to expand the crew's storage capacity. Extra slots cost in increments of 100, starting from 100 vouchers (100 for the 1st extra slot, 200 for the 2nd, etc.) 2017-08-23 * Added Backpack item, which can be found or made (requires a blueprint). Maximum number of backpack uses per rank applies. * Increased the starting number of inventory slots to 10. * Increased maximum number of slots per rank. * Decreased inventory slot favor cost. * Increased G-Man ratio. 2017-08-21 * Added new Scavenge feature under City. # Each city should have 4 locations to scavenge. # Locations have timers per tier. # Every location of each tier is governed by a single timer. # The timers for the tiers are: 5, 10, 20, 30, 45 minutes. # There may be multiple locations in the same city that are the same tier and use the same timer. * Added 2 new jobs. * Added several new items, related to the jobs, which can be found while scavenging. * More soon... 2017-07-29 * Ranking: Things have changed. (RP no longer required) * Forums: OCC, Businesses and Admin section removed. * Forums: Street posts should be made in character. OCC threads will be removed, if you continue to abuse the street we will just kill you. * Godfather: Not allowed a new Identity. * Crew Leaders: No longer allowed to drop crew members. (Family is until you die). * Crew Leaders: Can no longer transfer members to someone else. * Offers: Rap sheets have been removed from the game * Mayor: Things have changed * G-Men: Cost to add them to hit list increased based on their Rank * Game Logic: Things have changed. * Horses: Max bet reduced to 100k, and 5k on trifecta bets. * Notifications: Things have changed. * Service announcement: After V-DAY this year we lost the active database of the game. And our backup was 4 days prior, which meant there was no way for us to restore things back to the way they were before the event. Between new jobs, moving, families and everything else was put on the hold until we could get it into a semi stable state again. We are opening the game back up in a beta sense to hammer out the bugs. We've made a ton of changes under the hood to account for future additions. There will be many bugs. You can report them to or use the Grievances section of the site. Please refer to Known Issues section above to see if an issue has already been reported.

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