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For All The News That Is News (E&OE)
14th April 2014
Editor In Chief: Carmela_DeAngelis
Managing Editor: Randle_McMurphy

By: Randle McMurphy

The afternoon of April 5th turned the usually sleepy city of Dallas into a bloodbath, in what has turned out to be one of the deadliest battles in recent mob history. Trouble began to brew when Winter Tempest Society leader, Don James Burke, gave the order for the family to take down Chicago outfit headed by Don Blackheart. The Chicago family had been authed by Detroit Don Vincent Gigante, and sources within WTS suggest that some saw the danger of aggressive action early on, though warnings were not heeded. Several days of relative calm went by with only minor casualties from Chicago, all the big targets remained underground in what seemed like a game of cat and mouse. Unbeknownst to the New York Don, plans were afoot to muster support from both their parent family in Detroit, and West Coast Mafia’s Andre Battista, Consigliere in charge of operations running out of Los Angeles.

Reports are sketchy as to exactly who started the fighting, but what is known for certain is that the LA outfit flew en masse to Dallas, with some of their heaviest hitters, and began a new chapter in the war started by New York. First to die was Joseph Ardizzone, a Boss with LA, preceded by 21 bodyguards employed by both himself and his target, Leo Pontecorvo, a WTS Don. Leo was fatally wounded only a minute later, and the next hour saw frantic battles between the remaining NY family members, and hitters from LA & Detroit. Notable deaths included Martin Willoughby, NY Consigliere and one time runner of Miami, Giovanni Battista, Consigliere with LA, Blood Is Love, NY Consigliere, and Eddie Stobart, New York Don and right hand to James Burke. Just before 3pm the fighting branched out to both Miami and New York, seeing the deaths of Tommy Udo, Andre Battista, Blackheart, Jam read more